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Let's Talk About Poverty

The Urban Poverty Consortium
"In recognition of work done in the community related to poverty, the Urban Poverty Consortium seeks to build and extend new and existing efforts on poverty, to raise awareness, share information and data and to catalyze further action on poverty."


Mark Cabaj,
Opportunities 2000
Trudy Beaulne,
SPC Kitchener-Waterloo
Gloria DeSantis,
SPC Cambridge & North Dumfries
Barb Powell,
Community Health Department
Bryan Embree,
Community Health Department
Terry Goodenough,
Community Health Department
Lynn Randall,
Social Services Department
Jean Latham,
Social Services Department
Paula Stuhlmacher,
Social Services Department

Poverty Fact Sheet #1:
What is Poverty?

Poverty Fact Sheet #2:
New Canadians

Poverty Fact Sheet #3:
People with Disabilities

Poverty Fact Sheet #4:

Poverty Fact Sheet #5:
Working Poor

Poverty Fact Sheet #6:

Poverty Fact Sheet #7:

Poverty Fact Sheet #8:
Sole Support Parents